About Kumkum

As far as he could remember, he had been a collector. Be it stones, spoons, bottle caps, ostrich eggs, and many more. These objects, if left on their own, would never meet each other. Like rocks from the Himalayas, sand from the Maldives shores, bird feathers from Europe and countless more. Magical childhood tales inspired these collections.

He started his practice by putting these objects together.



With time, he began to tell more complex stories through these pieces. Weaving together unrelated objects to take the viewer into a journey. Capturing, for a moment, the beauty of expensive or worthless objects coming together to create a celebration of life. Above all else, all he wanted was to bring out the observer’s childhood tales, as they connected and solved the puzzles of each individual part in the sum.

His art told different stories to each and every person. What that story was remained a secret between the art and the observer.


Contact: kumkumfernando@gmail.com